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1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the new King.

2. Ronald "Winky" Wright
Victories over Felix Trinidad, Shane Mosley, along with a consistent rate of Professionalism inside the ring earns Winky the number 3 spot.

3. Bernard Hopkins
Hopkins is the definition of what a prizefighter should be. Hopkins is in shape 365 days a year. He stays away from hard drugs, alcohol, and other temptations of fame. It is a shame that Hopkins will not be fully appreciated until he has gone.

4. Erik Morales
This Mexican warrior just keeps on winning. Morales is a lock as a future Hall of Famer. His only losses are to another Mexican warrior and future Hall of Famer in Marco Antonio Barrera.

5. Diego Corrales
Some may argue that the mouthpiece incident earned Diego his spot at number 5. I would counter that it was Diego's courage and heart that pulled him to victory in the greatest lightweight bout ever.

6. Jose Luis Castillo
Co-Captain in the greatest lightweight bout ever. Although a victory was snatched from him by the narrowest probabilities, Castillo remains at the top of his profession. Castillo is the only man on this planet that can argue that he beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

7. Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao is among the most exhilarating fighters in the sport. Pacquiao brings an unmatched passion into the ring. His fire still burns bright as there is no shame in losing to Erik Morales.

8. Marco Antonio Barrera
The old warrior just keeps churning out impressive victories. Marco will go down as one of the greatest Mexican fighters ever and that speaks for itself.

9. Jermain Taylor
Taylor squeaked by the king Hopkins. If he can do it again he will rise in the rankings.

10. Ricky Hatton
A European fighter makes a rare visit to the top ten lb4lb list. Ricky Hatton is well deserving as he utterly dismantled 140lb king Kostya Tszyu. Hatton is young, unbeaten, and a force in the ring.

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